I was fortunate to have spent much of my younger days enjoying our varied southern California coastline.  Our Mediterranean climate and coastal lifestyle has proved influential in shaping the designs I have been honored to play a role in for more than thirty years. 

Established in 1990, the office of Jon Eric Christner Architect, Inc. has provided architectural services throughout Southern California, the northern bay area communities of Watsonville, Sausalito and Woodside and on the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii.  In the international forum, we were chosen to provide traditional ‘California’ style concept designs for the ‘Nasha Village’ development within China.

Our designs have spanned a variety of architectural movements.  My personal design approach is never limited to any one set of design conventions, as architectural design is subject to an array of personal and continually evolving influences, and it is truly not my nature to remain focused on an individual style.  Each project scope and each project owner offers unique characteristics and challenges and, as such, our designs tend to reflect homage to the traditional as well as a nod to evolving contemporary ideals.

It is truly rewarding to share our architectural experience with fresh enthusiasm presented by new design opportunities.


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